Following surgery you have one goal in mind, whether you are a surgeon or nurse caring for one of your patients or you are a patient yourself – and that is fast, comfortable healing.

The good news is that wearing RECO BRA® 24 hours a day for the standard six week rehabilitation period should make your healing quicker and easier. Whether you are recovering from breast cancer surgery, cosmetic surgery or heart cardio thoracic surgery; it is possible to experience greater comfort and pain management with the use of a post-operative bra like the RECO BRA®.

Breast Cancer Surgery:

Whether you have had a bilateral or unilateral mastectomy, wide local incision (lumpectomy), wire guided biopsy, lymph node removal, breast reconstruction or any other breast cancer procedure, the RECO BRA® is the best choice for your individual surgical care.  You may have to go through more than one type of surgical procedure throughout your treatment and we hope that the RECO BRA® will take you all the way through your breast cancer healing journey.

RECO BRA® has no uncomfortable seams, just gentle compression to hold dressings in place or even a lightweight prosthesis. Our unique gauging pleat system at the front of the RECO BRA® allows the material to fit to the contour of the breasts.  If a patient has had a mastectomy, the gauging will allow the fabric to lie flat and the patient can choose whether or not to fill the space with a softie or lightweight prosthesis. We designed the front gauging pleat system with the mastectomy patient in mind, to help make a patient feel more confident in their appearance.

Included in the RECO BRA® design are our unique compression zones that are built into the fabric. These compression zones provide comfortable non-wire ‘under bust’ support for both breasts or for one breast in cases of unilateral mastectomy. Support zones are also situated within the bra fabric in the thoracic area of the spine.

Careful consideration on many levels has helped us to create this unique one brand one bra product. We have also been mindful not to use stereotypical models in our marketing promotions and every care and attention to detail has been carefully executed in the RECO BRA® design, especially for breast cancer.  We hope to have provided breast cancer patients with gentle comfort and support for their healing journey.

The benefits of RECO BRA® include:

  • The MaedicalTM technology helps keep the garment fresher for longer and reduces the risk of infection
  • Seamless for sensitive skin
  • Holds wound dressings gently in place
  • Provides comfortable compression with its seamless design and flexible stretch fabric
  • Helps to accelerate healing times and reduces the risk of seroma (fluid build-up)
  • Helps patients to return to daily life routines faster
  • Reduces post-operative oedema (swelling)
  • Facilitates wound inspections and dressing changes with its fully openable shoulder straps
  • Moisture wicking fabric that helps to keep the wound sites at a comfortable temperature
  • Lightweight prosthesis may or may not be worn
  • Flexible sizing concept for larger breasts
  • Front fastening providing adjustability


Please seek the advice of your surgeon, nurse, GP or A&E department if you experience any of the following:

  • Redness or if the wound site appears inflamed
  • Heat or excess swelling
  • Changes to the incision or an increase in pain
  • Pus or discharge that is either clear or coloured
  • An unpleasant odour coming from the wound, or a new opening to the wound
  • Wound irritation or discomfort.

Always follow the professional advice given at all times throughout your recovery. Please also make sure the fitting size chart is used; this is located in the purchase area and is also located on the back of the packaging. Please note that this is a non-returnable item for health and hygiene reasons. Please see our returns policy and full terms and conditions.