Following surgery you have one goal in mind, whether you are a surgeon or nurse caring for one of your patients or you are a patient yourself – and that is fast, comfortable healing.

The good news is that wearing RECO BRA® 24 hours a day for the standard six week rehabilitation period should make your healing quicker and easier. Whether you are recovering from breast cancer surgery, cosmetic surgery or heart cardio thoracic surgery; it is possible to experience greater comfort and pain management with the use of a post-operative bra like the RECO BRA®.

Cosmetic Surgery

Whether you have had a breast augmentation (breast enlargement) or breast reduction the RECO BRA® caters for every type of cosmetic breast procedure.  Most surgeons give instructions to their patients to wear a post-surgical bra 24 hours per day, for a total of four to six weeks following surgery.  A post-surgical bra holds the patient’s dressings in place for wound sites and also provides comfortable stability for newly installed breast implants.  RECO BRA® provides patients with a seamless design, which therefore prevents any irritation on the incision sites. The RECO BRA® uniquely designed compression zones are built into the fabric, giving ‘under the bust’ support without the use of wires.

The benefits of RECO BRA® include:

  • The MaedicalTM technology helps reduce the risk of infection
  • Adds gentle pressure under the patient’s breasts with its supportive hem band, helping to reduce the occurrence of post hypertrophic scars
  • Does not rub the incision sites with its seamless design
  • Reduces post-operative oedema (swelling)
  • Holds wound dressings gently in place
  • Stabilizes implants providing correct and comfortable compression
  • Helps the skin to fit its new contours
  • Facilitates breast inspection and dressing changes with its fully openable shoulder straps


Please seek the advice of your surgeon, nurse, GP or A&E department if you experience any of the following:

  • Redness or if the wound site appears inflamed
  • Heat or excess swelling
  • Changes to the incision or an increase in pain
  • Pus or discharge that is either clear or coloured
  • An unpleasant odour coming from the wound, or a new opening to the wound
  • Wound irritation or discomfort.

Always follow the professional advice given at all times throughout your recovery. Please also make sure the fitting size chart is used; this is located in the purchase area and is also located on the back of the packaging. Please note that this is a non-returnable item for health and hygiene reasons. Please see our returns policy and full terms and conditions.