RECO BRA®Seamless Recovery

“My patients love the feel of RECO BRA®.”

“Post-operative implant control is vital to achieving high quality results in both aesthetic and reconstruction breast surgery. A well fitted comfortable bra is part of that control structure. The RECO BRA® is designed at every level from material to shape, specifically for the post-surgery setting and ticks all the required boxes for me and my patients. The feedback so far has been universally positive and this has now become a standard part of the surgical package to all my patients.”

“As we move to more in-depth analysis of surgical results, small improvements will become vital and we need to look at all steps of the the surgical pathway. This approach is known as “the aggregation of marginal gains”, as used by UK cycling over the last decade to transform performance levels. The antimicrobial technology in Reco Bra may reduce the chances of wound contamination, and when added to other preventative steps during surgery could lead to reduced post-operative infection in breast surgery.”

“The combination of support and comfort from RECO BRA® has definitely enhanced the recovery of my patients after breast surgery.”

Mr Harris is amongst the most experienced, trusted and respected breast plastic surgeons in the UK. For over ten years he has helped pioneer the development of modern breast surgery procedures and, as an international expert, has presented and written widely on the topic. He is increasingly seeing patients who request corrective surgery and has therefore developed an expertise in this area.

“I will be endorsing RECO BRA® for all my patients.”

“I have been using the initial first model reco bra and more recently the latest version and have had nothing but positive feedback from patients. It is very reassuring to patients to know that we can take care of what is a worrying and uncertain aspect of their immediate post op recovery which is what bra they will need, what size, will it fit and most important will it make them feel comfortable, confident and will it shape and support the reconstruction or augmented breast, the reduced breast or the lifted breast.

The graduated compression panels are exactly what is needed, support with light compression, and the bra is easy to use and apply. At present my patients contact a boutique I have a formed relationship with and have to travel there or spend 70-80 pounds on a bra that is often a good fit (but not always). The simplicity of the sizing and the reassurance the patients get from having this problem “taken care of” is one less thing to worry about and enhances our cancer and aesthetic service. The science behind the process that Nicole applied in developing this is clever and as a skilled lymphoedema practitioner, she is well placed to deliver this sort of product.

I will be endorsing the RECO BRA® for all my patients. I think a well fitted post surgical bra improves the aesthetic results of surgery and avoid scar issues from rubbing, friction related soreness and discomfort and the patients seem to love it.”

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Patients Testimonials

“I loved the bra, so soft and comfortable, yet fully supportive. I felt my wounds/breasts were safe! Thank you so much”

– VO (Patienpxt initial) at The Princess Grace Hospital.

“Much more comfortable and less bulky than a previous
post-surgical bra that was given post-op”

– V.J.A Princess Grace Hospital.

“Thank you – this was very comfortable and I am sure it aided a speedy recovery with no bruising post-op”

– M.S The London Breast Clinic Harley Street.

“I love this bra. So comfortable and supportive. Perfect!
Would like it in black & skin colours too”

– MMJ Lister and Portland Hospital.

“Much better than past supportive bras I have used- this bra did not get affected by washing it, as the last ones did”

– ND Spire Hospital.